Dates to Remember

  • August 31 – Registration Deadline
  • September 8 (9:00 am – 11:00 am) – Kick-Off Celebration @ YMCA Wellness Center
  • November 3 (TBA) – Competitive Events & Awards Ceremony


The Scores are In!


featured The Scores are In!

We have had a great challenge this year. We know we had fun and we sure hope you had fun. Thank you to all you participated in the challenge and for those who didnít, but lent a hand, we couldnít have done it without you.

Event Results PDF
Overall Results PDF

What's New with the Challenge


featured Time for Kick-Off!

It is that time of the year where we are ready to kick-off the 6th Annual Bristol's Health Challenge on September 8! Let us get this competition going strong and focus on the goal of building a healthier Bristol through teamwork and friendly competition! We are excited to continue our partnership with United Way of Bristol to bring some awesome opportunities for our community and the health challenge. Similar to last year, $150 of your $375 team fee will go to support United Way!

Here's how the Bristol's Health Challenge will work this year!

In teams of 15 members, we will compete on four levels:
Total Team Workouts - Earn 1 point for your team for each 30-minute workout you complete. (Maximum of 1 workout per day)

Total Team Weight Loss - Official weights will be collected by the YMCA of Bristol at the beginning of the competition (September 8-14) and the end of competition (October 29 - November 3). Your team will earn 3 points for each pound you lose!

Total Team Score for Competitive Events - On November 3, join us as we compete in a team-friendly competition through events such as Tug-of-War, Water Bucket Relay, Tricycle Races and much more!

Team Participation - All teams that attend the Kick-Off Celebration and the Competitive Event may earn up to 15 additional points for their team per event. 1 point will be awarded for each team member that attends each event.

So who is ready to win this year's challenge? Will it be the Strongwell Contenders back to defend their title? Or shall a new team jump up and blow the competition away. We can't wait to find out!